Technology Partner

Nexent System Corporation is a highly dedicate IT company focusing on technology solution research, design, development, integration, and deployment in hardware, software, and cloud solution.

We employ some of the brightest and most creative minds in exploring new and modern technology concept to create pioneering solution that can keep up with today.s business pace. Yesterday.s technology is old news, we are eager to build tomorrow.s news, today!

Years of research had led us to a new exciting back-end platform that is a cloud computing on its own, and we called it .Next Generation Enterprise Cloud Platform.. This is a revolutionary concept in software computing and soon it.ll become a reality.

We integrated the idea of .human behavior. and magically digitized the mechanism into the software architecture. Imagine the same interactions with fellow colleague can be done on software faster and more accurate while reducing lots of mouse clicking, searching, and typing just to complete a task.

Security was also added with a brand new concept and we called it .Roaming Secure Key. mechanism. This key will traverse anywhere inside the system just like when you carry a door key, even to the smart phone and tablet.

Last but not the least, is the concept of multiple data format container that carries data, voice, and video. Imagine that you can attach a voice note or meeting video relates to an invoice that was just generated. You can send the whole container to the higher up for approval and get it back as a whole container with added voice/video notes. This is revolutionary and so human like behavior, on the software. The feature also help save large amount of time digging through documents and interviewing colleagues just to find out what happen to this one invoice.

Stay tune for more unique technology used to build this cloud platform.